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Rhys Davies

Rhys Davies 1.jpgRole: Research Fellow

Institution: WISERD Hub / ADRC-W, Cardiff University

Telephone: 029 208 70328


As an applied quantitative researcher, I have undertaken a variety of research projects examining a variety of issues related to employment and the labour market.  This research has been based on large scale primary data collection, as well as conducting analysis on secondary and administrative data sources.  As Associate Director of the Wales Administrative Data Research Centre, I am responsible for managing the User Support function of ADRC-Wales.  Prior to joining WISERD, I worked at the Institute for Employment Research at Warwick University (1999-2006) and the Office for National Statistics (2006-09). 

Research Interests 

  • Occupational health and safety in relation to the economic environment and structural change;
  • Graduate labour market and destinations of leavers from HE and FE;
  • The development and implementation of occupation and social classifications;
  • Gender differentials in labour market outcomes;
  • Survey design and data linking

Current Research

  • Geographical variations in trade union membership;
  • Occupational segregation and the gender pay gap;

Recent Publications


Davies, R., McNabb, R. and Whitfield, K. Do High Performance Work Practices Exacerbate or Mitigate the Gender Pay Gap; Cambridge Journal of Economics (Available here)

Davies, R., Jones, M. and Lloyd-Williams, H. Age and Work-Related Health: Insights from the UK Labour Force Survey; British Journal of Industrial Relations (Available here)

Taylor, C., Rees, G. and Davies, R. (2013), Devolution and geographies of education: the use of the Millennium Cohort Study for ‘home international’ comparisons across the UK, Comparative Education, 49(3), pp 290-316 (Available here)

Beynon, H., Davies, R. and Davies, S. (2012), Sources of variation in trade union membership across the UK: the case of Wales, Industrial Relations Journal 43(3) pp 200-221 (Available here)

Bristow, G., Pill, M., Davies, R. and Drinkwater, S. (2011), Stay, Leave or Return? Patterns of Graduate Welsh Mobility, People, Place and Policy Online 5(3) pp 135-148 (Available here)

MacKay, R. and Davies, R. (2011), Collective Learning, Effective Demand, Loss of Work and Loss of Direction: The Growing Regional Divide, Journal of Regional Studies 46(7) pp 859-871 (Available here)

Aumeyr, M. and Davies, R. (2009), Characteristics of Respondents Giving Informed Consent for Linking of Business Data:  Analysis of the 2004 Workplace Employment Relationship Survey and the 2007 National Employer Skills Survey, ONS Survey Methodology Bulletin 64 pp 45-62 (Available here)

Davies, R., Jones, P. and Nunez, I. (2009), The impact of the business cycle on occupational injuries in the UK, Social Science and Medicine 69(2) pp 178-182 (Available here)

Orton, M.  and  Davies, R. (2009), Exploring neglected dimensions of social policy: the Social Division of Welfare, fiscal welfare and the exemplar of local taxation in England, Social Policy and Administration 43(1) pp 33-53. (Available here)

Davies, R. and Welpton, R. (2008) How does workplace monitoring affect the gender wage differential? Analysis of the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings and the 2004 WERS, British Journal of Industrial Relations 46 (4) pp 732-749. (Available here)

Davies, R.,  Orton, M.  and  Bosworth, D. (2007) Local taxation and the relationship between incomes and property values, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 25(5) pp 756-772. (Available here)

Davies, R. and Pierre, G. (2005), The Family Gap in Pay in Europe: a cross-country study, Labour Economics 12 (4) pp 429-612. (Available here)

Book Chapters

Davies, R. and Elias, P. (2009), The Application of ESEC to Three Sources of Harmonised European Data in Social Class in Europe: An introduction to the European Socio-Economic Classification Eds E Harrison, D Rose (Routeledge, London) (Available here)

Davies R. and Elias P. (2004), Employer Provided Training within the European Union: a comparative review in Sofer C (Ed), Human Capital over the Life-Cycle. Edward Elgar


Davies, R. and Lloyd-Williams, H. (2014). An Investigation of the Potential for Wales-Level Analysis of the British Household Panel Survey and Understanding Society: An illustrative analysis of poverty dynamics in Wales, Welsh Government, SR: 31/2014 (Available here)

Felstead, A., Davies, R. and Jones, S. (2013) Well-being, Insecurity and Attitudes to Work in Wales: Results from the Skills and Employment Survey 2012, Cardiff: Wales Institute for Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods, Cardiff University. (Available here)

Felstead, A., Davies, R. and Jones, S. (2013) Job Skills, Qualification Use and Training in Wales: Results from the Skills and Employment Survey 2012, Cardiff: Wales Institute for Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods, Cardiff University. (Available here

Davies, R., Jones, S., Munday, M., Winterbotham, M. and Williams, G. (2013) The 2012 ESF Leavers Survey, Welsh European Funding Office, Merthyr (Available here)

Davies, R., Makepeace, G., Munday, M., Winterbotham, M. and Williams, G. (2013), The 2010 ESF Leavers Survey, Welsh European Funding Office, Merthyr (Available here)

Davies, R. (2013) Examining the Feasibility of Creating a Wales Longitudinal Study, Welsh Government, SR 75/2013 (Available here)

Davies, R., Makepeace, G., Munday, M., Winterbotham, M. and Williams, G. (2012), ‘The 2010 ESF Leavers Survey’, Welsh European Funding Office, Merthyr (Available here)

Davies, R., Harrison, E., Owen, D., Sibley, E. Wilkins, C. (2011), Quality of Life in Ethnically Diverse Neighbourhoods’, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Dublin (Available here

Davies et. al. (2011), An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in Wales, Wales Equality and Human Rights Commission (Available here)



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Young People and Brexit

22nd March 2017

WISERD has recently been awarded ESRC funding to carry out a new interdisciplinary study into how young people in the UK feel about, and are responding to, the most significant policy issue of this Parliament: the UK’s exit from the European Union.


Poverty and Food Banks in Wales

16th March 2017

Poverty and the rise of food banks in Wales were the focus of research shared at WISERD’s latest civil society seminar, held at Cardiff last night. PhD student, David Beck and Dr Hefin Gwilym from Bangor University’s School of Social Sciences presented findings from their research exploring the experience of food poverty in Wales.


Featured Events
26 April, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Aberystwyth University (room to be confirmed)

As part of the WISERD Centre for Welsh Politics and Society Seminar Series, Dr Taulant Guma from the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth University presents emerging findings from the WISERD/Civil Society project on ‘Migrants, Minorities and Engagement in Local Civil Society’.