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Prof. Gary Higgs

ProfGaryHiggs.JPGRole: WISERD Co-Director

Institution: University of South Wales


Telephone: 01443 483619

Research Interests

  • Spatial Analysis and Health
  • Social and Environmental Applications of GIS
  • Rural services, deprivation and health
  • Population modelling and the census

Current Research

Gary’s current research projects include; GIS-based analysis in accessibility modelling; applications of GIS in medical geography; use of GIS and visualisation techniques in emergency planning; applying GIS techniques in collaborative environments and in particular the use of GIS in public participation arenas as part of decision support system frameworks; investigating the use of Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) in combination with multi-criteria decision analysis in the siting of facilities such as wind farms and landfill sites; investigating patterns of environmental (in) justice in the UK; researching the use of GIS in social science applications in Wales and associated capacity building.

Click here to view Gary’s official University of South Wales bio page.

Recent Publications


Frew, R., Higgs, G., Langford, M. and Harding, J. (2015) Assessing geographic data usability in analytical contexts: Undertaking sensitivity analysis of geospatial processes, in Malleson, N., Addis, N., Durham, H., Heppenstall, A., Lovelace, R., Norman, P. and Oldroyd, R. (Eds.) Proceedings of the GIS Research UK 23rd Annual Conference, University of Leeds, 206-213. (Available here)

Higgs, G., Langford, M., Norman, P. (2015) Accessibility to sport facilities in Wales: A GIS-based analysis of socioeconomic variations in provision, Geoforum 62, 105 - 120 (Available here)

Tsatsou, P., Higgs, G., Stafford, I., Fry, R. and Berry, R. (2013) Digital inclusion and connectivity of minority communities: The case of communities of disabled people, in Choudrie, J. and Middleton, C. (Eds.). Management of Broadband Technology Innovation, Routledge, 122-144.

Corcoran, J. and Higgs, G. (2013) Special issue on spatial analytical approaches in urban fire management, Fire Safety Journal, 62(A), 1-2.

Corcoran, J. Higgs, G. and Anderson, T. (2013) Examining the use of a geodemographic classification in an exploratory analysis of variations in fire incidence in South Wales, UK, Fire Safety Journal, 62(A), 37-48.

Higgs, G, and Langford, M. (2013) Investigating the validity of rural-urban distinctions in the impacts of changing service provision: the example of postal service reconfiguration in Wales, Geoforum, 47, 53-64.

Higgs, G., Langford, M. and Fry, R. (2013) Investigating variations in the provision of digital services in public libraries using network-based GIS models, Library and Information Science Research, 35(1), 24-32.

Langford, M., Higgs, G. and Fry, R. (2012) Using Floating Catchment Analysis (FCA) techniques to examine intra-urban variations in accessibility to public transport opportunities: the example of Cardiff, Wales Journal of Transport Geography, 25(1), 1-14. doi:10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2012.06.014

Higgs G, Fry R, Langford M, 2012, 'Investigating the implications of using alternative GIS-based techniques to measure accessibility to green space’ Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 29(2) pp 326-343 (Available here)

Langford M, Fry R, Higgs G, 2012, ‘Measuring transit system accessibility using a modified two-step floating catchment technique’ International Journal of Geographical Information Science 26(2) pp 193-214 (Available here)

Fry R, Berry R, Higgs G, Orford S, Jones S, 2012, ‘The WISERD Geoportal: A tool for the discovery, analysis and visualisation of socio-economic (meta-) data for Wales’ Transactions in GIS 16(2) pp 105-124 (Available here)

Berry R, Higgs G, 2012, ‘Gauging levels of public acceptance to the use of visualisation tools in promoting public participation; a case study of wind farm planning in South Wales, UK’ Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 55(2) pp 229-551 (Available here)

Higgs G, 2011, ‘Book Review: Showalter and Lu (Eds.) Geospatial techniques in urban hazard and disaster analysis’ Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 38(2) pp 383-384 (Available here)

Higgs G, 2011, ‘Book Review: Skinner (Ed) GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management’ Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy (Available here)

Corcoran J, Higgs G, Rohde D, Chhetri P, 2011, ‘Investigating the association between weather conditions, calendar events and socio-economic patterns with trends in fire incidence: an Australian case study’ Journal of Geographical Systems 13(2) pp 193-226 (Available here)

Berry R, Higgs G, Fry R, Langford M, 2011, ‘Web-based GIS approaches to enhance public participation in wind farm planning’ Transactions in GIS 15(2) pp 147-172 (Available here)

Corcoran J, Higgs G, Higginson A, 2011, ‘The importance of socio-economic factors on fire incidence: A comparison of trends for Brisbane (Australia) and Cardiff (United Kingdom)’ Applied Geography 31(1) pp 65-75 (Available here)

Berry R, Fry R, Higgs G, Orford S, 2010, ‘Building a Geo-portal for Enhancing Collaborative Socio-Economic Research in Wales Using Open Source Technology’ The Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education 2(1) pp 77-92 (Available here)

Langford M, Higgs G, 2010, ‘Accessibility and public service provision: evaluating the impacts of the Post Office Network Change Programme in the UK’ Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 35(4) pp 587-601 (Available here)

Richards W, Higgs G, 2010, 'An audit of smoking behaviours among patients attending two general dental practices in South Wales: An awareness raising exercise for the dental team and patients' Primary Dental Care 17(2) pp 79-82 (Available here)

Brunsdon C, Corcoran J, Higgs G, Ware A, 2009, 'The influence of weather on local geographical patterns of police calls for service' Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 36(5) pp 906-926 (Available here)

Corcoran J, Higgs G, Rohde D, Chhetri P, 2009, 'Investigating the association between weather conditions, calendar events and socio-economic patterns with trends in fire incidence: An Australian case study' Journal of Geographical Systems (InPress) (Available here)

Higgs G, 2009, ‘The role of GIS for health utilization studies: Literature review’ Health Services and Outcome Research Methodology 9(2) pp 84-99 (Available here)

Higgs G, Langford M, 2009, ‘GIScience, Environmental Justice, & Estimating Populations at Risk: The Case of Landfills in Wales’ Applied Geography 29(1) pp 63-76 (Available here)

Book Chapters

Jones, S., Orford, S. and Higgs, G. (2015) ‘Wales: a statistical perspective’ in Jones, M.J., Orford, S. and Macfarlane, V. (Eds.) People Places and Policy: Knowing Contemporary Wales through new localities, Routledge. Chapter 3. (Available here)

Book Review

Higgs G, 2012, ‘Review of Nyerges, T.L., Couclelis, H. and McMaster, R. (Eds.) The SAGE Handbook of GIS and Society, London’, SAGE, for International Planning Studies, 17(3), 323-325.

Higgs, G, 2012, ‘Review of Skinner, R. (Ed.) GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management, Boca Raton, CRC Press’, for Journal of Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy, 5(4), 353-355.

Higgs, G., 2013, ‘Review of Leitner, M. (Ed.) Crime Modeling and Mapping using Geospatial Technologies, for Journal of Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy’, 6(4), 333-336.

Higgs, G., 2014, ‘Review of Bond, S., Sims, S. and Dent, P. (Eds) Towers, Turbines and Transmission Lines: Impacts on Property Value’, for International Planning Studies, forthcoming.


Berry R, Higgs G, 2010, ‘An evaluation of online GIS-based landscape and visual impact assessment tools and their potential for enhancing public participation: the example of wind farm planning in Wales’ WISERD/RSS/001 (Available here)

Higgs G, Langford M, Fry R, 2010, ‘The use of GIS-derived accessibility measures in mixed methods research: A research agenda’ WISERD/WPS 001 (Available here




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