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WISERD Language Policy

Revised: May 2012

1. Context

Data from the 2011 Census shows that 20.8% of the population of Wales can speak Welsh. The Welsh Language Act 1993 puts Welsh and English on an equal footing in public life in Wales and places a duty on the public sector to develop practices of language equality when providing services to the public in Wales. WISERD’s partner Universities each have individual Welsh Language Schemes (see references) which state what services will be provided through the medium of Welsh and how and when they will be available. WISERD operates within the framework of the schemes and the responsibilities they place on employees.

2. Aims

This policy aims to:

  • Promote awareness within WISERD of the principles of the Welsh Language Act
  • Highlight the commitments made by partner institutions in their Language Schemes
  • Specify measures for implementing the Language Schemes in the activities of WISERD
  • Encourage best practice with regard to the use of Welsh in communication with other organisations and the public in Wales

3. WISERD Activities

WISERD is a collaborative venture across five institutions with a wide variety of activities that involve sharing social science research data, conducting research projects, developing and evaluating policy and running capacity building events. WISERD engages with a wide variety of organisations and audiences:

  • Government organisations and policy-makers
  • NGO’s, charitable organisations and the third sector
  • Academics from across Wales and the UK
  • Funding bodies
  • Postgraduate students
  • Non-specialist audiences in the private and public sectors

The diversity of WISERD activities and the audiences it communicates with implies that all of the key aspects of the partner institution’s schemes apply to WISERD activities. The specific measures outlined below indicate how WISERD will implement elements of these schemes to its activities.

4. Specific measures

4.1 WISERD’s public face

WiSERD’s full name, address and other appropriate information associated with its corporate identity will be displayed in both Welsh and English on letterheads, invitations, leaflets, signs and other forms of public display within Wales.

4.2 Contact with the public

WiSERD welcomes correspondence (including emails) in Welsh. Where appropriate and reasonably practicable, a reply or acknowledge will be made in the same language as the initial correspondence. Anyone contacting a WISERD office by telephone is welcome to do so through the medium of Welsh. In instances where no welsh speaking member of staff is available, the caller will be asked whether they are willing to speak to a non-Welsh speaker in English, and if not arrangements will be made for a Welsh speaker to return the call at a later time.

WISERD will maintain an internal directory of Welsh speakers.

4.3 Press releases

Press releases issued by WISERD to the media in Wales will be produced in both English and Welsh wherever possible and relevant. A Welsh speaking contact will be named in the ‘further Information’ section of the release where possible.

4.4 WISERD website

The homepage and ‘static’ information (such as the ‘About us’ section) will be bilingual on the WISERD website. Research projects funded by the Welsh Government will include all relevant information in Welsh and in English on the WISERD website.

4.5 Social media channels

Where relevant, posts on WISERD’s Twitter and Facebook accounts will be bilingual. Any mentions, messages or correspondence from the public will be responded to in the same language as the original correspondence.

4.6 Research data collection

Letters of invitation to participate in research, consent forms and questionnaires will, where practicable, be available in both Welsh and English. Invitations to be interviewed will make it clear that interviewees are free to choose to be interviewed in Welsh or in English.

4.7 Publications

WISERD welcomes submissions to its publication series in either Welsh or English. The language(s) of the publication will be decided by the editorial teams according to content and anticipated audiences. An English summary will be produced of items submitted in Welsh.

The bi-annual WISERD News publication is published in English but will include bilingual articles when relevant or requested.

4.8 WISERD events

All publicity materials relating the WISERD annual conferences will be bilingual. Where speakers have requested to deliver their presentations in Welsh, simultaneous translation into English will be provided. Other training and capacity building events hosted by WISERD in Wales will be delivered in the language requested by the course presenter.

4.9 Capacity Building

WISERD will encourage its own staff to take advantage of opportunities to learn Welsh or improve their skills in the Welsh language and respond positively wherever possible to demand for training provision through the medium of Welsh.

4.10 Monitoring

The WISERD Executive will have responsibility for annually reviewing and monitoring the Language Policy. It will extend and amend it as required to ensure that activities are consistent with the Language Schemes of the partner institutions.



Aberystwyth University Welsh Language Scheme (2006)


Bangor University Welsh Language Scheme (2008)

Cardiff University Welsh Language Scheme (2004)


Swansea University Welsh Language Scheme (2011)


University of Glamorgan Welsh Language Scheme (2010)


Welsh Language Act 1993



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