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WISERD Affiliated Projects

WISERD welcomes affiliated research projects. Affiliated projects play a key role in developing the research programme and future research agenda, as well as enhancing the research capacity of WISERD. All projects affiliated to WISERD share a focus on high quality social and economic research in the Welsh context. They will also share a commitment to methodological development and enhancing research capacity.

Affiliated projects are of two main kinds:

1. General Affiliation

Existing and new social science research and capacity building projects with a strong Wales, policy, localities or methodological focus. Funded separately from WISERD, these are projects where affiliation to WISERD could bring mutual benefit. Requests for affiliation can be made to any of the Wiserd partners (based at Cardiff, Glamorgan, Aberystwyth, Swansea and Bangor Universities), or alternatively colleagues can apply directly to the WISERD Hub based at Cardiff University. Affiliation can be conferred by WISERD partners on an individual project-by-project basis, or may be referred to the WISERD executive team. Approval for affiliation will be granted where complementarity or mutual benefits are clear. Affiliated projects of this kind can expect assistance from time-to-time from WISERD, for example in relation to communication, capacity building and dissemination activities. Other assistance can be made available on a project-by-project basis and may incur appropriately negotiated cost

2. Specific Affiliation

Social science research or capacity building projects developed directly and in collaboration with WISERD (partners and / or hub). These are projects funded separately to the WISERD start-up funds, but clearly developed in response to the main WISERD research agenda. These projects will be co-ordinated and supported by the WISERD team, will include funding proposals to sustain and develop the WISERD infrastructure, and will have WISERD affiliation built into them from the outset. Such projects should, where possible, be cross – institutional, and co-directors at partner institutions should be made aware of bids in preparation at the earliest opportunity. Final proposals will be approved by the WISERD Executive team prior to submission for funding.

Benefits of Affiliation

WISERD affiliated projects:

  • Join an interdisciplinary network of social science researchers across Wales
  • Have the opportunity to access the resources available at and through the WISERD Hub. This includes assistance with further research proposal development, assistance in establishing cross –institutional research networks, assistance with accessing and using secondary data resources, assistance with developing methodological training and capacity building events
  • Can co-locate project researchers to work alongside other WISERD projects
  • Are able to use the WISERD name and brand, to appropriately support research, communication, networking and capacity building events
  • Will benefit from priority access WISERD training and research capacity building events

Responsibilities of Affiliation

It is expected that affiliated projects will:

  • Actively seek opportunities to engage with and participate in the activities of WISERD, including interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research collaborations.
  • Respond positively to requests for contributions to training and capacity building events
  • Acknowledge WISERD as appropriate, in communications, publications and future research bids
  • Play a role in ensuring the future development and sustainability of WISERD

Applying to be an Affiliated Project

For existing and new research projects seeking GENERAL AFFILIATION, project reams can apply directly to one of the WISERD partner institutions (based at Cardiff, Glamorgan, Aberystwyth, Swansea and Bangor Universities), or alternatively can apply to the WISERD Hub based at Cardiff University. Affiliation is conferred on a project-by project basis. Project teams are asked to complete a simple form providing information on the project and the rationale for affiliation to WISERD. Affiliated projects will be listed on the WISERD website, unless they request otherwise.

Colleagues wishing to develop, or are in the process of developing projects and research bids that are SPECIFICALLY AFFILIATED TO WISERD (as part of our main programme of work) are requested to contact one of the WISERD co-directors or the WISERD director at the earliest opportunity. This will ensure that appropriate and timely support is made available, and that the WISERD executive is kept informed of progress / developments.

Downloadable form for Affiliated projects



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