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WISERD Publication Series

The WISERD publications series’ publicises and disseminates social science research relevant to Wales and Welsh issues. In addition, the series aims to: promote and facilitate an evidence based approach to policy making; encourage and stimulate discussion on substantive and methodological issues; and contribute to the advancement of knowledge within the social sciences more generally. Submissions are invited for inclusion within the following series:

WISERD Working Papers

The aim of WISERD Working Papers is to share emergent ideas, from advances in research methods; methodological development and innovation; to data; analyses and argument. They are flexible in terms of format and length and can provide a route to developing ideas prior to publication in an academic journal.

WISERD Research Reports

WISERD Research Reports are short and accessible summaries of research projects. The Research Reports series aims to disseminate the research findings to both academic and non-academic audiences. They provide straightforward, non-technical and critical overviews of projects, findings and highlights.

The following have been relseased as part of the WISERD Research Report publication series:

WISERD Data Resources

This series of publications is primarily aimed at providing opportunities for disseminating technical resources, tools and manuals designed to advance the generation, management and access to social science data. The editorial team welcome submissions from WISERD colleagues, partners and linked academics. Queries, suggestions and submissions should be forwarded to the editorial team in the first instance.

The following have been released as part of the WISERD Data Resource publication series:

WISERD Policy Briefings

WISERD Policy Briefings are short papers, designed to appeal to a non-expert audience. The briefings provide policy-makers with concise summaries of research findings, linked to key policy issues. The aims of the series are to: provide reliable, relevant information for policy-makers in current issues; strengthen the capacity of WISERD partner institutions to contribute to policy debate and evidence; and provide opportunities for dialogue on policy debates at Wales, UK and international levels. 

  • ‘The Welsh Labour Market Following the Great Recession‘ Drinkwater S, Blackaby D, Murphy P, 2011 (WISERD/PBS/002)
  • ‘Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship and Innovation for a Prosperous Wales‘ Parhi M, Robinson C, 2011 (WISERD/PBS/001)
  • ‘Can there be a Welsh higher education system?’ Rees G, 2011 (WISERD/PBS)
  • ‘Combating Ignorance: Education, Social Opportunity and Citizenship in Wales’ Rees G, 2012 (WISERD/PBS)
  • ‘Education and the New Welsh Government: Understanding the Challenges’ Rees G, 2012 (WISERD/PBS)
  • ‘PISA and the Politics of Welsh Education’ Rees G, 2012 (WISERD/PBS)
  • ‘A crisis in Welsh education? New approaches in Harsh Times’ Rees G, 2012 (WISERD/PBS)

WISERD Methods Briefings 

Manuscript submission

Please email submissions to the series above to Please include the following information in the body of the email:

  • Series the paper is being submitted to
  • Title of paper
  • Title of author(s)
  • Contact details of submitting author
  • Keywords
  • Information on whether the paper has been published elsewhere and notification of any copyright issues and/or restrictions

Guidelines for Authors

Click here to download the guidelines for authors.



Latest News
Samuel Brown wins WISERD Poster Prize 2017 sponsored by the Learned Society of Wales

13th July 2017

The Learned Society of Wales has announced PhD student, Samuel Brown from Swansea University, as winner of the WISERD Annual Conference 2017 Poster Prize. He receives an award of £200 from the Learned Society of Wales.


WISERD Annual Conference 2017

7th July 2017

On 5th-6th of July, WISERD colleagues were joined by academics across a diverse range of disciplines and other colleagues with an interest in the social sciences at Wales’s largest social science conference, which took place at Bangor University.


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