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Civil Society Seminar Series 2017

The 2017 WISERD Seminar Series reflects the rich diversity of projects comprising WISERD's Civil Society programme. The seminars are aimed at all with an interest in the key issues and policy challenges facing civil society in the twenty-first century. 

Poverty and Food Banks in Wales

This seminar focuses on the findings of original research on the food bank phenomenon in Wales. It will contextualise the rise of food banks in a society where relative poverty has proved difficult to tackle and voluntary welfare provision has been increasingly institutionalised replacing more traditional state approaches. This has implications for our future vision of a welfare state post-Brexit in an era of increasing populism.

The Role of Civil Society Organisations in Policy-Making

As part of the WISERD Civil Society Seminar series, Tom Jones OBE presents an insider’s perspective on the role of civil society organisations in policy-making in Wales, the UK and Europe.

Early Cognitive development and educational assimilation of migrant children

Immigrants come to the UK from different countries, with different resources, languages and experiences. All of these factors influence the early cognitive development and school readiness of their children. In this paper we consider how the cognitive development of young bilingual children may differ from that of their monolingual counterparts by examining children's cognitive skills for a nationally representative cohort (UK Millennium Cohort Study).

Problematising the role of online communities and social networking sites

As part of the WISERD Civil Society Seminar Series, Dr Taulant Guma from the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth University presents emerging findings from the ESRC WISERD/Civil Society project on ‘Migrants, Minorities and Engagement in Local Civil Society’.

Social and political participation in building democracy in Russia: The role of literacy programmes and educational reforms

This seminar explores recent data on literacy and social and political participation in Russia. It will look at how education has responded to social change in Russia and how literacy levels correspond to social and political activity.

 'It’s bringing new life in.’ Teenage parents and inter-generational values of family life

This seminar shares the findings from a new study of multi generational experiences of teenage pregnancy and parenting. It will question the idea that teenage pregnancy and parenting is problematic and explore contrasting approaches to family values.

The role of the family in civil society

This seminar explores the relationship between the family and civil society. Drawing on survey data collected from nearly 1000 respondents in South Wales, we show the significance of inter generational relations – between grandparents, parents and their children – for young people’s social participation.

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