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Young People & Brexit

How are young people responding to Brexit, and how does it affect their political engagement?

Young People & Brexit is an interdisciplinary study of how young people in the UK feel about and are responding to the most significant policy issue of this Parliament: the UK’s exit from the European Union. Drawing on both existing and new research from throughout WISERD, and the expertise of a range of organisations with expertise and interest in youth political engagement (including Youth Cymru, the National Assembly for Wales and Members of the UK Parliament) the study will consider a range of issues such as the impact of Brexit on young people’s broader engagement with politics and civil society; the ways they are responding to and trying to influence Brexit through their political behaviour; the consequences of the EU Referendum for young people’s interest in and feelings about UK and devolved politics; the ways Brexit have forced young people to reconsider their understandings of citizenship and identity; and the impact of the EU Referendum and Brexit itself on inter-generational conflict in domestic politics.

Following WISERD’s Young People and the EU Referendum study, this project employs a variety of methods and draws on data from a range of sources, including nationwide surveys, interviews and discussions with young people, and research films. Through the project’s blog, the research team will offer ongoing expert commentary and analysis of how Brexit is affecting young people and how young people themselves are trying to influence the Brexit process. Furthermore, all of the project’s research will be presented and discussed at the project’s flagship conference ‘Young People & Brexit: 1 Year On’ in June 2017, where we will draw together a range of academics, politicians, civil society organisations and young people to not only discuss our research, but to consider how the voice of young people should be properly represented as the government negotiates the UK’s exit from the European Union.

If you have any questions or comments about the project, please feel free to contact the research team below, and if you are interested in contributing to the project’s blog we would love to hear from you!

Young People & Brexit: One Year On Conference

The EU referendum was one of the most remarkable events in British politics for generations: it led to a redefining of the relationship between the UK and the European Union, the resignation of a sitting Prime Minister, to more young people voting than in any election since the 1990s, and it is now related to the calling of a 2017 General Election. The political, economic and social fallout of the referendum and Brexit will define the next general election. Young people occupy a distinctive position within this unpredictable and turbulent political context: for many, the result of the referendum was a bitter disappointment, and they find themselves confronted by a political elite and electorate in which a clear majority supports a Brexit process to which they are deeply opposed.

The short and long term consequences of the EU Referendum and Brexit on young people’s political engagement, their attachment to the political process, and their decisions in the 2017 General Election will be explored at this one day conference hosted by the Wales Institute for Social and Economic Research, Data & Methods. The conference will be divided into two parts: the morning sessions will provide a forum in which to share the latest academic research and insights in the fields of youth political engagement and participation including election results from the 8th June; and the afternoon session will focus on debating how young people can be better represented in the Brexit process, in light of the election results, including discussion with young people on how it can be used to stimulate their engagement with electoral politics in future.

To view the schedule for the conference, please click here

We are no longer accepting proposals for presentations at the conference, however if you would like to attend to view the research and take part in the debate please register here.


 Research Team


A series of blog posts written as a result of this project can be found below.

european-union-155207_960_720.pngYoung People and the EU Referendum Project

The Young People & Brexit project follows on from WISERD's Young People and the EU Referendum study, in which WISERD researchers explored how young people were engaging with the EU Referendum and the issue of EU membership, as well as their subsequent participation in the referendum. The research findings and blogs from Young People and the EU Referendum can be found here.