Author: Dr Sara Jones, Cardiff University

Day One – Tuesday 25th June

Strand – Education

Session Three: 4.30pm – 6pm

My PhD thesis focuses on how policy is translated at each level of the policy process. Focusing on the entire process of implementation from the national level to each individual site is a highly overlooked area of the policy process and often results in misunderstanding and incorrect implementation. The face of post-compulsory education in Wales has changed since the establishment of the Assembly, part of the devolution settlement that resulted from the 1997 referendum. Further developments arose in the publication of “The Learning Country” (2001) which outlined the plans to pilot and then implement the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (WBQ).

My presentation covers my first empirical chapter which focuses predominantly at the national and intermediate level interviews and sets the ground work for all preceding empirical chapters by focusing on the creation and development of the WBQ. Understanding the original objectives, motivations, development will assist in understanding the mutation of the policy during the various stages of implementation particularly at ground level. It is my intention that my entire analysis chapters extend beyond the focus of the National level and Welsh Government perspective to examine the power networks, processes and discourses that transcend through the social body of education from the Welsh government, third sector, and educational organizations to the individual classrooms and the teachers that inhabit them. However to understand the implementation of the WBQ I must consider its creation.

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