Research Associate
Manchester Metropolitan University

After completing my undergraduate degree in Geography at the University of Hull and then a masters and PhD at the University of Glasgow again in Geography, I then became Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, working in the dot.rural digital economy hub. I then worked as a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield working on ‘Spaces of New Localism - Stakeholder Engagement and Economic Development in Wales and England’. I am now a Senior Researcher at the Staffordshire University working in Centre for City Region Dynamics and the Department of Geography. I am also an Honorary Research Fellow in Geography at the University of Sheffield and Associate Fellow at SPERI.

I am currently the Senior Researcher on the ‘Spaces of New Localism’ project which is part of the WISERD Civil Society Research Centre. The project is interested in understanding the ways in which New Localism and devolution is being delivered at the City-Regional scale within the UK. Specifically, we have six case study areas (Swansea, Cardiff, Manchester, Sheffield, Stoke-on-Trent and Mersey-Dee/North Wales) investigating the role of Civil Society and the changing territoriality that city-region devolution is developing within the UK.

Spaces of New Localism: Stakeholder Engagement and Economic Development in Wales and England
Overview This project will utilise a series of interviews and document-based analysis to explore the notion of stakeholder involvement in Local Employment Partnerships (LEPs), Enterprise Zones (EZs), City Deals and City Regions. Fieldwork will take place in four city regions
Research Team:
Martin Jones (Staffordshire University), Ian Rees Jones (Cardiff University), David Beel (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Books and Book Chapters
Developing England’s North
Within the UK and further afield, the spatial delineation of the ‘city-region’ has seen a renaissance as the de facto spatial political unit of governance driven by economic development. This spatial realignment has been central to the construction of Northern Powerhouse and...
Civil Society | January 2018
Journal Articles
Connected growth: Developing a framework to drive inclusive growth across a city-region
This ‘in perspective’ piece addresses the (re-)positioning of civil society within new structures of city-region governance within Greater Manchester. This follows on from the processes of devolution, which have given the Greater Manchester City-Region a number of new powers...
Conference How City Deals could make a difference
20th March 2019 |
This half day event provides an opportunity to discuss the strategic nature of city deals and to learn from research and practice across the UK and internationally. The event’s speakers will highlight the key policy implications of city deals and...