Research Associate


Research Associate in the Project of Alistair Cole and Ian Stafford “Building Trust? Institutions and interactions of multi-level governance in the UK Germany and France”


A political scientist with focus on the concept of joint-decision making. He taught courses at the Universities of Hannover, Darmstadt, Hagen, Cluj (Romania) and Magdeburg. At the same time he was engaged in research at the Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Societies, the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, the European University Institute in Florence, but also at the Sciences Po in Lyon (France). He studied Political Science in Bonn, St. Petersburg (Russia), Toulouse (France) and Beer Sheva (Israel).The work of Dr. Heinz comprises books and articles in the journals German Politics, Regional and Federal Studies, Politische Vierteljahresschrift and Revue Internationale de Politique Comparee.

Research Interests

Comparative Politics; German Politics; Joint-decision making; Joint-decision trap; Federalism

Current Research

In my current research my task is to draft the case study of trust and transparency in Germany. To this aim I contribute to the research project of Alistair Cole and Ian Stafford within the three country comparison between France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Building Trust? Institutions and interactions of multi-level governance in the UK Germany and France
Overview This project utilised a mixed-methods design incorporating interviews, focus groups, a scoping analysis of secondary quantitative data and a cross-national survey to explore the role of trust and transparency within the context of multi-level governance. The core
Research Team:
Alistair Cole (Cardiff University), Ian Stafford (Cardiff University), Dominic Heinz (Cardiff), Stuart Fox (Brunel University London)
Working Paper
Trust-transparency paradoxes: proceedings of an international conference
This short publication presents the main proceedings of an international conference held at Sciences Po Lyon, France, on 4 May 2018. The symposium pulled together several research initiatives around the central theme of trust–transparency paradoxes. Trust (and its corollary...
Conference Trust-Transparency Paradoxes
4th May 2018 |
This free one day conference explores the overarching theme of trust-transparency paradoxes. The conference panels are organised on:- 1. The relationship between trust and transparency in a context of multi-level governance: 2. The links between...