Cardiff University


I am Professor in Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales and the author of Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities (Routledge 2005), Children, Sexuality and the Sexualisation of Culture (Palgrave 2015). Working with feminist, queer and post-humanist approaches my research explores gendered and sexual subjectivities across diverse institutional sites and public spaces across the young life course (2013-18). Follow my engagement with policy makers via twitter and the socsi research impact blog.

Productive Margins
Overview Community engagement needs radical re-design. All too often decision-making is top-down and decision makers do not adequately engage, deeming ‘community engagement’ a passive exercise. Communities are often only invited to comment on decisions which have already
Research Team:
Martin Innes, Emma Renold (Cardiff University), Eva Elliott (Cardiff University), Gabrielle Ivinson (Aberdeen University)