Chancellor's Fellow
University of Edinburgh

Fiona's research interests include bilingual education, languages education, language policy and planning and language attitudes. 

She has been involved in research projects on these topics, for example: (i) 'The Output of Gaelic Education' (2010) which examined the reasons for the choice of Gaelic-medium education and the attainments of pupils within it, (ii) Language use in Gaelic-medium pre-school, primary school and secondary school education (2012), which involved a national survey of Gaelic-medium education providers and (iii) Public Attitudes to Gaelic in Scotland (2013), an ESRC, Scottish Government and Bord na Gaidhlig funded project which investigates the attitudes of 1200 respondents towards the Gaelic language in Scotland. 

More recently, she and a colleague have collaborated with the National Records of Scotland to produce the Gaelic in the 2011 Census Report (published in 2015), and she has been involved in an evaluation of the implementation of Scotland's 1+2 Languages strategy (2016).

Education, Language & Identity
Overview The project used interviews and questionnaires to investigate the types of civic participation and conceptions of language and identity promoted within the statutory education system, and within civil society organisations working with young people, in both Wales
Research Team:
Rhys Jones (Aberystwyth University), Elin Royles (Aberystwyth University), Lindsay Paterson (University of Edinburgh), Fiona O'Hanlon (University of Edinburgh), Kirstie Macleod (University of Edinburgh)