My research explores how place and specifically post-industrial places influence children’s and young people’s educational achievement and aspirations.

I seek to understand how the locale community and home environments afford children and young people routines, understandings and practices that can support or hinder their academic progress, and particularly the untapped, hidden knowledge and resources that circulate in south Wales valley communities that could be harnessed for economic growth.

Productive Margins
Overview Community engagement needs radical re-design. All too often decision-making is top-down and decision makers do not adequately engage, deeming ‘community engagement’ a passive exercise. Communities are often only invited to comment on decisions which have already
Research Team:
Martin Innes, Emma Renold (Cardiff University), Eva Elliott (Cardiff University), Gabrielle Ivinson (Aberdeen University)
KLiC: Young People and Place
The project was designed as an ethnographic study of one place, chosen by the wider Local Knowledge in Context Programme, referred to hereafter as Cwm Dyffryn. Aims The main aims of this project were as follows: To explore the ways in which young people understand the
Research Team:
Gabrielle Ivinson (Aberdeen University), Emma Renold (Cardiff University), Bella Dicks (Cardiff University), Kate Moles (Cardiff University), Mariann Märtsin