Research Associate
Cardiff University

Previously worked within Cardiff University Computer Science Department

SHIWA project (2010-2012)

  • Primarily working on the Triana workflow engine, as well as development of the IWIR workflow representation, and integration of the IWIR conversion toolkit within Triana.
  • Development of the SHIWADesktop workflow bundling component and integration of SHIWADesktop within Triana.
  • Development of the TrianaCloud framework, allowing execution of Triana workflows within a Cloud computing environment.
  • Additionally integrated the STAMPEDE logging framework to Triana, facilitating logging of workflow executions within the TrianaCloud infrastructure.
  • Primarily these developments were implemented in the Java programming language, with some Python web-services.

i4Life project (late 2012)

  • Aided the development of the i4Life Cross-mapping tools, looking for name matches in different taxonomic checklists.
  • Primarily these developments utilised the PHP language, the SMARTY PHP template engine, and HTML.

Research Interests

Research interests include interoperability of experimental and production data and computing resources, utilising scalable computing infrastructures such as Cloud and Grid Computing environments, and development of tools useful to the research community.

Current Research

Currently working on the WISERD DataPortal.

The WISERD DataPortal is an online Geographic Information System (GIS) designed to enhance a researcher's ability to discover socio-economic research data relating to Wales, with the aim of encouraging collaborative research and re-use of existing data. The WISERD data portal provides map-based and text-based search tools for accessing a rich meta-database of government surveys (e.g. Living in Wales, Welsh Health Survey) and primary qualitative WISERD research (e.g. interview transcripts) and is expanding constantly.

Development has involved converting the code-base, utilising python/django. Also using Leaflet.js, JavaScript and HTML.

Understanding Welsh Places
Overview Understanding Welsh Places is a website that aims to be the first point of call for statistical information about towns and communities in Wales. A significant proportion of people in Wales live in towns and small communities. Too often, however, such places are
Research Team:
Scott Orford (Cardiff University), Ian Harvey (Cardiff University), Samuel Jones (Cardiff University), Catriona Dickson (Cardiff University)
WISERD DataPortal
The WISERD DataPortal is a web application that enhances a researcher’s ability to search, discover, map and download socio-economic research data related to Wales. The aim is to encourage the re-use and re-purposing of existing data. Who developed it? The WISERD DataPortal
Research Team:
Scott Orford (Cardiff University), Ian Harvey (Cardiff University), Samuel Jones (Cardiff University), Catriona Dickson (Cardiff University)
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WISERD Data Portal Webinar
As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2015 we demonstrated the new version of the WISERD Data Portal (WDP) with the participation of an exemplar Civil Society organisation, focussing on how the Portal could be used by third sector organisations for Civil Society...
Data & Methods | WISERD DataPortal | November 2015