Reader in Human Geography
Cardiff University


Jon's academic interest is oriented around the 'extraordinary sets of relations between people and places' (Holloway & Hubbard, 2000:6). These 'extraordinary relations' circulate around a number of spaces of interest, including Geography, Place & Culture; Water Worlds and Surfing Places; and Literary Geographies, and have led to a range of international quality research publications and funding projects.Current projects include the AHRC funded 'A New Literary Geography: Establishing a Digital Literary Atlas for Wales and its Borderlands' (April 2016-July 2018), and the ESRC funded 'Locality, Community & Civil Society' (Work Package 1.2 in WISERD Civil Societies, Theme 1: Redefining Local Civil Society in an age of Global Inter-Connectivity, with Professor Mike Woods, Sept 2016-Sept 2018).

Redefining Local Civil Society in an Age of Global Inter-connectivity
Overview This project will explore how imaginaries and practices of local civil society have been stretched and reconfigured by global interconnectivities, including both the reorientation of local civil society activities around global issues and concerns, and participation
Research Team:
Michael Woods (Aberystwyth University), Jon Anderson (Cardiff University), Sophie Yarker (University of Manchester), Taulant Guma (University of Edinburgh)
KLiC Project – Biomapping: Methodological Trials
Summary and Rationale This project explored the (bio)physical and emotional relationships between people and place. By using state of the art galvanic skin response units alongside geographical positioning technology, this project sought to map (bio)physical records of human
Research Team:
Chris Taylor (Cardiff University), Jon Anderson (Cardiff University)
Training Page and Place: Ongoing Compositions of Plot
21st April 2015 |
Glamorgan Building. Cardiff University
In this event Dr Jon Anderson explored the relations between human geography and literature. He introduced how pages and places can be understood relationally, focusing on the active role that literature plays in constructing our understandings of...