Research Associate
Cardiff University


I have a longstanding interest in memory function. My PhD in cognitive neuroscience examined the relationship between sleep, dreaming and memory. I found support for the theory that dreams have a memory consolidation function. More recently I have worked on research projects with patients with significant memory loss. I have also worked in the third sector in mental health services and in policy roles. I work mainly in qualitative methods, conducting qualitative interviews and am developing ways to ethically interview people with fluctuating capacity.


Research Interests

Dementia, ageing and end of life care, sleep, dreams, memory, mental health, social care and equalities.


Current Research Projects

I am working with participants in CFAS-Wales (Cognitive Function and Ageing Study) to understand more about their experiences and any changes they might notice in memory, thinking or ability to manage everyday life as they grow older. We are contributing to the IDEAL programme: Improving the experience of dementia and enhancing active life.