Research Associate
Bangor University

Marta has a PhD from Bangor University. Her PhD work, titled: ‘Becoming a Citizen of the World – a narrative biographical study of new cosmopolitans’, was supervised by Prof. Howard Davis.

Marta also completed her MSc in Sociology (Research) at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (2008) as well as MA degree in Sociology at Jagiellonian University, Poland (2006). She also obtained a BA (Hons) in European Social Work as a joint degree between Froebelseminariet, Copenhagen, Denmark and Portsmouth University (2006).

Bangor Seminar Bowling together? Civil society in a north east Wales village
16th March 2016 |
Bangor University
In this seminar we presented emergent findings from the WISERD civil society project "civil participation in Wales, in place, and over time". The publication of Putnam’s Bowling Alone (1995) provoked an important debate as to whether participation...