PhD Student
Aberystwyth University


After a lifetime as a financial accountant, analyst and director of businesses of all sizes Martin returned to University in 2014 to follow a long-term interest in energy and the environment, taking an MSc in Food and Water Security at Aberystwyth. Continuing the theme he is now undertaking a PhD in The Implementation of Personal Carbon Accounts.

He is married with adult children. Hobbies: Football – he’s a Swansea City season ticket holder, politics and current affairs, food and good company.

Research Interests

Global Warming. Carbon emissions. Behaviour Change.

Current Research

His research rests on the belief that consumption of fossil fuels will not be reduced unless societies expectations around their use changes significantly. Changing expectations and changing behaviours involves people understanding their usage and a collective remoulding of social norms around fuel usage: one mechanism that might achieve this is Personal Carbon Accounts. My PhD started by looking at an earlier model of Personal Carbon Trading, investigated and shelved by the UK Government in 2006-08, and looking at the issues the government found problematic. The earlier scheme was then reformulated into (what is hopefully) an implementable model.

He worked with Simon Thomas AM to persuade the Welsh Assembly to unanimously pass a cross-party motion requesting the Welsh Government to evaluate a mandatory pilot of Personal Carbon Accounts in a region of Wales. However, the Welsh Government is not bound by non-government motions and a response is awaited.

Workshop CWPS Research Workshop - Global Connections Theme
25th January 2018 |
With tea, coffee and homemade cake! Project 1: Martin Burgess - “How to frame a pilot of Personal Carbon Accounts in Wales?” The Welsh Government has recently been asked to evaluate a pilot Personal Carbon Accounts scheme. It differs significantly...