Senior Research Assistant
University of South Wales

I joined WISERD as a Senior Research Assistant in April 2016. Prior to my appointment, I was a researcher with Cardiff University’s Violence Research Group, with whom I obtained my doctorate and held a short Research Associate position. I undertook a BSc and MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of South Wales (previously the University of Glamorgan) between 2007 and 2011, achieving an upper second-class honours degree and MSc distinction. I am currently working on WISERD work package 3.2, which aims to use existing secondary sources of data to investigate levels of social capital within local Welsh communities in relation to changing levels of provision of key public services.

Implications of Spatial & Temporal Variation in Service Provision for Inequalities in Social Outcomes
Overview The study carried out analysis of existing secondary sources of quantitative data in order to investigate levels of social capital within communities in relation to changing levels of provision of key public services. The study built on research conducted in Phase 1
Research Team:
Gary Higgs (University of South Wales), Mitch Langford (University of South Wales), Scott Orford (Cardiff University), Nicholas Page (University of South Wales)
Journal and Journal Article
Using Geographic Information Systems to investigate variations
There are ongoing policy concerns surrounding the difficulty in obtaining timely appointments to primary healthcare services and the potential impact on, for example, attendance at accident and emergency services and potential health outcomes. Using the case study of...
January 2019
Journal and Journal Article
An exploratory analysis of spatial variations in organ donation registration rates in Wales prior to the implementation of the Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013
Spatial variations in rates of registered organ donors have not been studied in the UK at detailed spatial scales despite some evidence of national and regional differences. By drawing on the findings from the existing literature, this study examines associations between...