Senior Lecturer in Social and Public Policy
Cardiff University


Research interests include:

  • Equal opportunities and diversity
  • Concepts of trust and policy implications
  • Policy theory and processes
  • Sentencing theory and punishment
  • Qualitative research methodologies and methods

Equality, Diversity & Third Sector Welfare Provision
Overview This project builds on previous research undertaken by the team. It will utilise a mixed methods approach, combining secondary analysis of existing datasets, development of case studies, documentary analysis and a series of interviews to investigate the impact of
Research Team:
Nick Johns (Cardiff University), Stephen Drinkwater (University of Roehampton), Alison Green (The Open University)
Training WISERD TCB Event: Doing questionnaires in the third sector
30th June 2017 |
This one day event,10am-3pm, is designed principally for those working in the third sector and is led by WISERD researchers. The workshop will provide hands on training and support in questionnaire design, developing research questions and choosing...