Head of the School of Planning and Geography
Cardiff University

My main research interests lie in the field of social geography and, more specifically, the geographies of welfare and poverty. I am also interested in environmental geographies, particularly the interplay between social and environmental forms of (in)justice within contemporary society.

A key motivation behind my research and writing in these areas is the continued presence of poverty, homelessness and other forms of injustice within contemporary society. Through personal research and joint work with colleagues, I have striven to provide critical geographical accounts of welfare themes during the last couple of decades and it is my intention to continue with these types of research and writing projects in future years.

Ageing, serious leisure and the contribution of the grey economy
Overview This project utilised a mixed methods approach, combining a strategic review of existing survey data with ethnographic observation and interviews to make a timely and original contribution to understanding the benefits of ‘serious leisure’ in retirement for the
Research Team:
Jesse Heley (Aberystwyth University), Laura Jones (Aberystwyth University), Paul Milbourne (Cardiff University), Sophie Yarker (University of Manchester)
Wales Housing Research Network
The Welsh Housing Research Network brings together researchers and research organisations in Wales in the field of housing. Researchers are exploring housing issues via a multitude of disciplines ranging from the social sciences and economics to architecture and health.
Research Team:
Peter Mackie (Cardiff University), Philip Murphy (Swansea University), Scott Orford (Cardiff University), Paul Milbourne (Cardiff University)