Research Associate


Suhaer is a Research Associate based at the Administrative Data Research Centre (ADRC) Wales within the Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD). Suhaer’s key responsibilities at ADRC Wales are focused on education, skills and employment projects. Currently, Suhaer is working on a project that explores the effectiveness of career guidance interventions in Wales in supporting participation in education, training and employment.

Prior to joining ADRC-Wales, Suhaer has been involved in teaching a range of modules, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, at Cardiff Business School relating to four broad areas - International Management, Organisational Behaviour, Research Methods and Human Resource Management. Suhaer has experience of working with secondary data relating to work organisation, human resource management practices and employee-related outcomes. Suhaer’s research interests include skill development, work organisation, human resource management, leadership and quantitative modelling techniques.

Suhaer’s qualifications include an MBA (Pakistan), an MSc in Human Resource Management (Cardiff University, 2007), an MSc in Management (Glamorgan University, 2011), a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Science Research Methods (Cardiff University, 2012), and a PhD (Cardiff University, 2016). Suhaer’s PhD thesis, entitled 'High-Performance HR Practices and Employee Well-being: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation’, used quantitative methods to consider the differential impacts of HR practices on various indicators of employee well-being, and analysed the role of organisational resources in these relationships.