Author: Dr Martin O’Neill, Cardiff University

Day Two – Wednesday 26th June

Strand – Health & Well Being and Social Care

Session Four: 9.30am – 11am

This paper will explore how University based research academics can work in partnership with social care practitioners for developing more effective models of practice.  It will use recently completed empirical research conducted in the residential elderly care sector in Wales to explore how the current system is coping with present day demand and the emerging challenges that the sector will face in the coming decades as demand increases due to an increasingly ageing population.

The presentation will consider how recent developments such as the All Wales Academic and Social Care Research Collaboration (ASCC) initiative can contribute to fostering an environment of evidence enriched practice in order to identify useful approaches to addressing the changing elderly and wider social care environment.

The original research was aimed at providing an holistic approach to understanding the demands on residential care by looking at the experiences of staff, regulators, inspectors, residents and ancillary staff on a day to day basis and providing a framework as to how research can inform and enrich practice and directly assist practitioners in addressing the challenges that they face on a daily basis. The study is based on ethnographic research conducted in residential care homes and interviews with key informants including care providers, workers and residents in South and West Wales in 2012. The research was part of a wider UK study and the presentation will draw on some of these findings to illustrate the overall themes.

Presentation not available.