Author: Mary Mahoney, University of South Wales

Day One – Tuesday 25th June

Strand – Education

Session One: 11.30am – 1pm

This theoretical presentation will explores the ways in which approaches used in public health/health promotion on reducing inequalities and inequities can be applied to education to achieve similar outcomes. Whilst considerable research has been undertaken on the role of education in reducing social and economic disadvantage and the ways in which access to education can improve individual, household and community health and wellbeing, there is no evidence that the approaches used by public health/health promotion researchers have been applied to education beyond this.

The aim of the presentation is to ascertain whether a similar evidence-based approach to that developed by health professionals would be useful for education policy making linked to inequalities and inequities by the Welsh Assembly Government and, if so, the necessary steps that will be required to enable it to happen.

The presentation will draw out the parallel that exist between the two fields, map the health approach onto education, using community learning at HE level as the example and juxtapose the health arguments onto the challenges facing education as it seeks to reduce social/community or regional deprivation and act as a mechanism for social justice.

Please click here to download presentation.