Funder(s): National Offender Management Service (NOMS) Cymru 

Funding: £15,000

Start Date: 29th March 2010

End Date: 31st March 2011

Research Team

Martina Feilzer, WISERD Associate Member, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University
Alex Plows, WISERD Bangor
Katherine Williams, Law and Criminology, Aberystwyth University/Welsh Centre for Crime and Social Justice (WCSJ)


The Women’s Turnaround project aims to engage women offenders so that they make necessary changes to stop offending, following a holistic, woman-centred, service model recommended by the Corston Report in 2007. This project explored the women’s and stakeholder’s perspectives on what women needed and whether the Turnaround project in North Wales had achieved its aim in helping women to move forward in achieving their targets. Using a mixed methods approach, the research evaluated whether the Turnaround project had altered the behaviour/life-styles of the women participating in the research and how far any changes were internalised (from the perspective of the women) rather than just an external perception (on the part of workers).

The research explored these questions in relation to the Women’s Turnaround project based in the Women’s Centre in Rhyl, North Wales. 


A report and recommendations to NOMS
Additional proposed output: joint- authored paper in relevant journal

An interim report for this project is available. Please click to view it.