Evidence, policy and the crisis in expertise

Deadline for submission: Monday 2nd March 2020

The theme for our Annual Conference is ‘Evidence, policy and the crisis in expertise’.  We are interested in proposals for papers that can influence the development of policy and practice across a range of sectors during these unpredictable times.  Proposals can address theoretical work, methodological developments and policy issues; as well as substantive research. WISERD promotes inter-disciplinarity and we welcome contributions from the fields of economics, sociology, geography and political science. WISERD is also keen to encourage the participation of non-academic stakeholders and we therefore particularly welcome proposals from researchers working within other sectors. 

This year we would like to invite proposals for paper presentations, symposia, workshop sessions, panel discussions or posters which address the following research themes:

•    Civil Society
We welcome proposals that address civil society in a broad sense and in particular, proposals that address changing patterns of civil society at local levels in the UK and internationally, the organisation and governance of civil society, participation within different spheres of civil society and the contribution of civil society in Wales and beyond.  

•    Education  
We welcome proposals that address educational research and in particular, papers that examine transitions into and through the compulsory education system, transitions to post-compulsory education, the cognitive development of children, inequalities in educational outcomes and the evaluation of policy interventions.

•    Politics and Governance
During a period of unprecedented levels of political uncertainty, we welcome papers that address issues around politics and policy making within Wales, the UK and beyond.  We are seeking papers which examine issues around devolution in the UK; policy formation; political trust and engagement; and the formation of political beliefs.   

•    Health and Wellbeing 
We welcome proposals that address research on health and wellbeing, and in particular, papers that address the connections and interactions between these and other areas.  Topics can be far-ranging and could include health and exercise; social care; the role of social networks and cultural participation; housing and the influence of environmental factors.

•    Labour Markets and Work
We welcome papers from all areas of social science that contribute to our understanding of labour markets and the lives of those employed within them.  Topics could include inequalities in employment outcomes, labour market segregation, casualization and precarious employment, the representation of workers and the evaluation of labour market interventions.  


As in previous years, there will also a be a series of Open Sessions reflecting the broader research interests and priorities of the social science and policy sectors within Wales, the UK and internationally. These will consist of collections of papers in the same thematic or methodological area. Potential convenors for symposium  sessions are encouraged to collate abstracts for proposed sessions prior to submission for consideration. 


The abstract proforma is available here:

Abstract Proforma Eng.docx [.DOCX, 794.41 KB]


Abstract submission guidelines can be found here:


The deadline for abstract submission is Monday 2nd March 2020


Please submit your abstracts to WISERDAnnualConference@cardiff.ac.uk