The WISERD Annual Conference is structured into a series of themed sessions, each of which is 90 minutes long. We welcome contributions (in Welsh and English) from academic and non-academic colleagues in the following formats:

Single Paper Presentation

A single paper presentation is best suited for reports on completed or near completion research. Presentations should summarise the research, outlining the introduction, context, methodology and findings. The formal presentation should be limited to a maximum of 20 minutes. Presentations are grouped according to topic or perspective into themed 90 minute sessions, with time provided after all of the presentations for Q&A and group discussion. Presenters are welcome to include visual aids (hand-outs, slides, or digital displays) to assist in delivery of their presentation. Multiple-authored presentations are welcomed. To note, single papers are invited for all sessions except open sessions.


Colloquium are scheduled for 90 minutes and involve three to four authors proposing a set of papers based on a shared theme or topic. The papers may present complementary aspects of a specific body of work, or contrasting perspectives on a specified topic. There must be at least three registered participants (for example, a Chair and three presenters – one of whom can also act as Chair). The presenters should conceive and design the session to allow time for individual presentations of 15-20 minutes each; and allow at least 10 minutes of audience discussion or question-and-answer. All participants must be listed on the proposal submission form.

Panel Discussion

Panel sessions are best suited to discussion and debate of key academic, policy and practice issues. Examples could include a debate on policy responses to inequality in the workplace, or a discussion of effective methods for stakeholder engagement. Panels can be made up of a mixture of academic, policy and practitioner participants or can include participants from a single sector. Panel sessions are scheduled for either 45 or 90 minutes and should be structured to include introductory information, with ample time for discussion and debate.


A workshop session is best suited for teaching or demonstrating particular procedures, skills, or techniques. Workshop sessions can be structured around a traditional workshop, a demonstration, a performance, an exhibition, a staged conversation or an extended dialogue with the audience. Workshop sessions are scheduled for either 45 or 90 minutes and should be structured to include introductory information, with ample time allocated for audience interaction, participation, and involvement.

Poster or Exhibition Piece

This format is ideal for presenting a range of research and engagement activities, particularly those that lend themselves to visual displays and representations. In these sessions (generally about 45 minutes), a number of authors have the opportunity to display or exhibit their work and engage in informal discussion about their work with other delegates throughout the session. Displays may be posters (maximum 1.22×1.83 meters/4×6 feet), digital/computer displays, artwork, or other visual media. Each display should include a brief abstract of the purpose and procedures of the work; hand-outs or copies of written material may also be available. Posters or exhibition pieces are particularly welcome from non-academic as well as academic stakeholders. Space for the poster or exhibit will be provided by the Conference, however all materials must be organized by the presenter, including posters, displays, hand-outs or other appropriate materials. Please note that we cannot guarantee a dedicated power source for each presenter.