Bangor Social Sciences Seminars 2015: Semester 2

1st Seminar: Sexuality, autism and young people (SAY) families project

Presenters: Dr Ceri Christian-Jones, School of Psychology, Bangor University
Date: 04 February 2015

2nd Seminar: Changing welfare states and the emergence of food charity

Presenter: Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford, Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, University of Sheffield
25 February 2015

3rd Seminar: Race, religion and human rights: valuable lessons from prison

Presenter: Dr Muzammil Quraishi, School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Sciences, University of Salford
11 March 2015

4th Seminar: Vulnerable adults and anti-social behaviour: An exploration of current practice

Presenter: Dr Anne Krayer and Natalie Davies, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University
29 April 2015

5th Seminar: Yma o hyd, gwyn o hyd? Articulations of race, nation, class and gender in Wales

Presenter: Dr Bethan Harries, Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity, University of Manchester
20 May 2015

6th Seminar: Seeing through the communication fog – Who is saying what on human rights?

Presenter: Dr Martina Feilzer, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University
03 June 2015