Tuesday 25th June

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9.30 Registration Opens

10.00-11.15 Welcome and Keynote – Lindsay Paterson

11.15-11.30 Refreshment Break

11.30-13.00 Session One

Strand – Health and Well Being

Strand – Education

Strand – Innovations in Research Methods

Strand – Identity

Measuring Well Being


Innovations and participatory methods

Welsh identities: Local contexts, comparative perspectives





Title: An Analysis of Subjective Well-Being in Wales

Authors: Stephen Drinkwater et al

Title: Disrupting Educational Inequality

Authors: Chris Taylor et al

Title: Is changing who leads research a methodological innovation?

Author: Melanie Nind

Title: National identity in North East Wales: A View from the border

Author: Dr Dafydd Evans





Title: Empirical Study of the effect of economic migration on happiness in Italy

Author: Panagiotis Fouskas

Title: Thinking about the future: aspirations and the educational attainment process

Author: William Baker

Title: Knowledge Mobilisation in Context: Partnership, priorities and time

Author: Irene Hardill et al

Title: The social construction of local, national and global identities in two rural Welsh market towns in Wales

Author: Dr Corinna Patterson





Title: Assessing the well-being process approach to well-being measurement in applied settings

Authors: Gary M. Williams et al

Title: Action on health inequalities and inequities – exploring the scope for applying this to education agendas?

Author: Mary Mahoney

Title: The use of Participant Information Clips to inform and gain consent

Author: Simon Hammond

Title: Welsh identity in British Wales: A case study’

Author: Daniel Evans





Title: Subjective Wellbeing Assessment

Author: Dafydd Thomas


Title: Supporting  Community  Participatory  Research  Through  adaptation of the  Most  Significant  Change  Technique

Author: Rhianne Morgan

Title: What role does ‘place’ have in the experience of ‘risk’ in young people’s higher education choices?

Author: Ceryn Evans

13.00 – 13.45 Lunch

13.45-14.45 Keynote speech – Laura MacAllister

14.45 – 16.15 Session Two

Strand – Health and Well Being

Strand – Education

Strand – Innovations in Research Methods

Strand – Environment

Inequality in Service Delivery

Language (Education)

Innovations and Creative/Online Methods

Energy and Sustainability





Title: The innovation cycle – Health and Social Care in Rural Wales

Author: Stephanie Best

Title: Duration of residence and English language proficiency

Author: Meenakshi Parameshwaran

Title: New social media, new social science? A research agenda for ethical, rigorous social media research

Authors: Gareth Morrell et al

Title: Exploring Energy Demand in Rural Wales – Initial Findings

Author: Erin Roberts





Title: Breaking down barriers and changing attitudes: working to increase uptake of cervical screening amongst vulnerable women

Authors: Sioned Pearce, Maura Matthews, Gail Hughes

Title: Exploring bilingual and L2 speakers’ performance on Executive Functioning tasks: issues for bilingual education in Wales.

Author: Mirain Rhys

Title: Ethical issues when researching ‘online’

Author: Ian Thomas

Title: Assessment and Evaluation of Sustainable Source of Power Generation in Pakistan by using LEAP Model

Author: Neelam Aziz





Title: Older people in rural and urban Wales with increasing health- and social-care needs through to end-of-life

Author: Christine Dobbs

Title: Should Children with SEN really stick to one language? A study exploring the linguistic skills of bilingual children with moderate learning difficulties

Author: Catrin Bethan Lye

Title: Negotiating new methodological approaches to research

Author: Pauline van Romondt Vis

Title: Are limitations in the availability of fossil fuels (particularly oil) are likely to constitute a brake on future global economic growth in the medium and long term?

Author: Calvin Jones





Title: The changing profile of cancer support services in an age of austerity

Authors: Rachel Iredale and Sioned Pearce


Title: Visual methods in qualitative mental health research

Author: Ellie Byrne et al

Title: Could the St. David’s Peninsula Feed Itself? Developing a method for assessing food-self sufficiency potential

Author: Amber Wheeler




Title: Community enterprises and local food systems: lessons from practice

Author: Stuart Jones

16.15-16.30 Refreshments

16.30 – 18.00 Session Three