Cydymaith Ymchwil
Cardiff University

I am a Research Associate at the Wales Institute for Social and Economic Research Data and Methods (WISERD). I am currently working on the WISERD Education research project, which is a large-scale longitudinal cohort study which has been surveying pupils across Wales on aspects of their lives and education over the last seven years. During my time at Cardiff I have completed two projects for the Children's Commissioner for Wales, including an evidence review on the human rights of children in Wales.

Prior to joining WISERD, I completed my PhD in Education at the Centre for Children's Rights, Queen's University Belfast. This was a mixed-methods project which used a children's rights approach to identify students' views and experiences of GCSEs and their reform in Northern Ireland and Wales. While completing my doctorate I worked as a Research Fellow on a University of Oxford and Queen's University Belfast project investigating the predictability of Leaving Certificate examinations in the Republic of Ireland.

My research interests include assessment, children's rights and equity in education.

WISERDEducation Multi Cohort Study
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Research Team:
Sally Power (Cardiff University), Chris Taylor (Cardiff University), Constantino Dumangane Jr. (Cardiff University), Rhian Barrance (Cardiff University), Dr. Jennifer May Hampton (Cardiff University), Daniel Evans (Cardiff University), Kimberly Horton (Cardiff University), Kathryn Sharp, Kevin Smith (Cardiff University), Mirain Rhys (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
Seminar Growing up in Wales: young people’s perspectives and prospects
28 Tachwedd 2018 |
Over the past six years, the WISERDEducation Multi Cohort Study (WMCS) has made an important contribution to understanding the lives of young people in Wales, by conducting an annual survey of over 1,000 young people, aged eight to 18-years-old. A...