Honorary Research Fellow
Cardiff University

Current Research:

  • The public service ethos and trade union membership
  • Outsourcing public services to the third sector Union organising around global sports mega-events
  • Trade union use of International Framework Agreements along international supply chains
  • Public service reform in Wales

Undebau Llafur a’r Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol
Mae’r prosiect hwn ar hyn o bryd yn ystyried gwerth posibl dadansoddi patrymau rhithwir o ran trefn a symudiadau undebau llafur, ac, yn benodol, cyfraniad y cyfryngau cymdeithasol at ailraddio undebaeth lafur. Mae hyn yn cynnwys cysylltiadau rhithwir mudiad yr undebau llafur
Research Team:
Wil Chivers (Cardiff University), Helen Blakely (Cardiff University), Steve Davies (Cardiff University), Rhys Davies (Cardiff University), Huw Beynon (Cardiff University)
Trade Union Membership, Associational Life and Wellbeing
Overview This project builds on previous WISERD research into geographical variations in trade union membership in Wales. (Beynon, Davies and Davies, 2012). The research programme derives from this analysis, which suggested that in South Wales collective understandings
Research Team:
Rhys Davies (Cardiff University), Huw Beynon (Cardiff University), Helen Blakely (Cardiff University), Alex Bryson (Department of Social Science, UCL), Steve Davies (Cardiff University)
non-WISERD The UNI Leadership Summit on the Future World of Work
9 Hydref 2017 |
Helen Blakely presented findings from ongoing work with Steve Davies to an audience of over 100 experts, activists, and academics gathered at UNI Global Union’s headquarters for the “Future World of Work Leadership Summit,” a discussion on the...