Swyddog Data Ymchwil
Cardiff University

Sam is responsible for supporting the WISERD Hub team in the management and upkeep of the institute's administrative data and the development of the WISERD website. Additionally, Sam works across WISERD research projects, assisting researchers in the management of research data and providing GIS support.

Sam has worked at Cardiff University since 2009, occupying roles both at WISERD and within the Cardiff School of Social Sciences. Since October 2013 he has been on a part-time secondment to the National Assembly for Wales, assisting in the procurement and management of research data and in the development of their GIS programme.

He has a BSc in Geography from Cardiff University and is currently working towards an MSc in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) at the University of Leeds.

Continuity of learning in Wales: ‘Live’ analysis of digital learning
Summary Wales is unique in having a national digital platform for online teaching and learning – Hwb (https://hwb.gov.wales/). This means that all children in maintained schools in Wales login to and use Hwb to access learning materials provided to them by schools and
Research Team:
Chris Taylor (Cardiff University), Rhys Davies (Cardiff University), Dr. Jennifer May Hampton (Cardiff University), Samuel Jones (Cardiff University), Catriona Dickson (Cardiff University)
Understanding Welsh Places
Overview Understanding Welsh Places is a website that aims to be the first point of call for statistical information about towns and communities in Wales. A significant proportion of people in Wales live in towns and small communities. Too often, however, such places are
Research Team:
Scott Orford (Cardiff University), Ian Harvey (Cardiff University), Samuel Jones (Cardiff University), Catriona Dickson (Cardiff University)
WISERD DataPortal
The WISERD DataPortal is a web application that enhances a researcher’s ability to search, discover, map and download socio-economic research data related to Wales. The aim is to encourage the re-use and re-purposing of existing data. Who developed it? The WISERD DataPortal
Research Team:
Scott Orford (Cardiff University), Ian Harvey (Cardiff University), Samuel Jones (Cardiff University), Catriona Dickson (Cardiff University)
Journal Articles
Understanding Spatial Variations in Accessibility to Banks Using Variable Floating Catchment Area Techniques
In response to changing consumer habits driven by the advance of online services and mobile apps, substantial reductions in the provision of bank branches have been widely documented over the last decade. Such closures have economic consequences for the sustainability of...
Journal Articles
Assessing the Impacts of Changing Public Service Provision on Geographical Accessibility: an examination of public library provision in Pembrokeshire, South Wales
Public libraries make an important contribution to the wellbeing of local people often acting as community hubs by reducing the isolation felt by vulnerable members of society through promoting social interaction and supporting the wider needs of local communities. However...
Hyfforddiant Defnyddio PorthData WISERD fel teclyn darganfod data 
3 Hydref 2019 |
Mae PorthData WISERD yn gymhwysiad ar y we sy'n gwella gallu ymchwilydd i chwilio, darganfod, mapio a lawrlwytho data ymchwil economaidd-gymdeithasol sy'n gysylltiedig â Chymru. Yn y sesiwn hon byddwn yn dangos sut y gellir defnyddio prif...
Gweithdy Deall Lleoedd Cymru
1 Mai 2019 |
Mae’r digwyddiad hwn yn gyfle i bobl sy’n gweithio neu’n gwirfoddoli mewn cymunedau yng Nghymru neu’r gymdeithas sifil i helpu i lywio gwefan Deall Lleoedd Cymru. Rydym eisiau bod Deall Lleoedd Cymru yn bwynt cyswllt cyntaf i gael gwybodaeth...