Author: Mary Mahoney, University of South Wales

Day Two- Wednesday 26th June

Strand – Labour Markets

Session Six: 2.45pm – 4.15pm

Over the past 15 years, increasing attention, funding and development activity has been directed to the needs of employers and businesses who seek to respond to the higher skills needs of their employees. These responses relate to both social justice and economic development agendas of governments.

The Welsh Government argues that stronger emphasis must be given by universities, either individually or in collaboration with other universities or FE providers, towards shorter, more flexible programmes and bite-sized curricula that are tailored to workforce needs.  This has resulted in the creation of new markets for HE and new opportunities for non-traditional learners. Whilst considerable attention has been paid in the published literature to the changing role of HE, little attention has been paid to the changed relationships that arise from this new provision and the inherent shifts in power relations that are a consequence.

The presentation will provide a framework for understanding the range of employer needs to which HE is responding.  Elements of the framework will be used as the basis for examining the changed power relations across and between the tripartite relationships. The experience of successful employer-responsive provision across a range of sectors will serve as the basis of the data used for this presentation. It is drawn from the work of WBL programmes of the University of Wales Newport (in partnership with University of Glamorgan – DEHOV and Elevate) and University of Gloucestershire’s Nexus Workforce Development programme.

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