Institution: Cardiff University

Job Reference Number: R2761

Start date: 30th June 2016

Duration: 3 years

Supervisors: Professor Paul Chaney, Professor Daniel Wincott & Professor Howard Davis

Closing date: Thursday,30th June 2016

Project title: The Impact of Devolution on the Promotion of Gender Equality in Wales

Applications are being sought for a prestigious, full-time ESRC Doctoral Training Centre for Wales (Wales DTC) PhD Studentship to be based in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University, to begin in October 2016.

Full Applications are invited for proposals exploring the impact of devolution on gender (and/or other modes of) equality in Wales with reference to third sector organisations’ public policy engagement. Potential topic areas include: the issues, progress and challenges of meso-level working across devolved policy fields; the extent to which the devolved institutional structures of governance have facilitated or frustrated NGOs’ attempts to shape policy and law-making in order to advance the substantive representation of women; representation and NGOs’ organisational response to the political opportunity structures presented by devolution in relation to action-repertoires, NGO staff standing for/ holding elected office, as well as mobilisation and networking. The research may be single-country focused or comparative in nature.

This award is +3. A +3 studentship provides funding for the three years PhD research study only

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