| 09:30 - 17:00
Cardiff University, Cardiff Business School, Aberconway Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU , United Kingdom.

This seminar will help you learn about the use of SPSS syntax and/or Stata .do files as an alternative to the point-and-click interfaces. Knowledge of syntax commands helps you saving time with your analyses, as well as providing a means to organise and document your work.

The seminar will consists of two 3-hour sessions: In the first session, SPSS syntax code will be introduced, focusing on creating and recoding data, performing basic analyses, and using SPSS’ “do repeat”, “loop” and “vector” commands to perform repetitive processing. In the second session, the equivalent Stata/.do syntax codes for creating and recoding data will be introduced, and useful commands not available in SPSS will be highlighted. The three key programming constructs for repetitive processing are discussed. Participants can attend either or both sessions.

This seminar might be useful for those who previously attended the “Introduction to SPSS Workshop” that was taught by Paul Jarvis (USW). While not necessary, some basic knowledge of SPSS is helpful before attending the seminar.


Coffee/Registration - 9.30am

Session 1 Programming in SPSS - 10am - 1pm

Lunch 1pm - 2pm

Session 2 Programming in Stata - 2pm - 5pm

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