The WISERD 2013 Conference contains a series of papers on work and labour market issues relevant to Wales. Topics include: enterprise; SME’s; labour market inequalities; and wage differentials.

Day One: Tuesday 25th June

Session Three: 4.30pm – 6pm

Labour markets and Employment

Title: Sub-Regional Analysis of Public-Private Sector Pay Differentials
Author: Sandra Dettmer, Swansea University

Title: Ethnic Differences in Male’s Unemployment During the 2008-2010 Recession: Evidence from QLFS
Authors: Sicong Wang, David Blackaby, Philip Murphy and Nigel O’Leary, Swansea University

Title: An Investigation of Public-Private Sector Pay Differential in UK: a Recent Update
Authors: David Blackaby, Philip Murphy, Nigel O’Leary and Anita Staneva, Swansea University

Title: Just Another Job?: Accounting for the Ethics of ‘work’ and ‘care’ in the Lives of Working Lone Mothers
Author: Claudia Corsetti, University of South Wales

Day Two: Wednesday 26th June

Session Six: 2.45pm – 4.15pm


Title: Small Business Growth in Wales – the Role of Leadership and Management Quality
Author: Andrew Henley, Aberystwyth University

Title: Inter-regional Mobility of SMEs
Authors: James Foreman-Peck, Cardiff University and Tom Nicholls, Welsh Government

Title: Employer-Responsive HE Provision and Changed Power Relations
Author: Mary Mahoney, University of South Wales