Led by: Hywel Jones, Welsh Language Commissioner; Robin Mann, Bangor University; Elin Royles, Aberystwyth University; Catrin Rednap, Welsh Government; Rhys Jones, Aberystwyth University

Day Two- Wednesday 26th June

Strand – Census

Session Five: 11.15am – 12.45pm

The aim of the session is to act as a forum for discussing the implications of the recent census results for the present state and future trajectories of the Welsh language.  The session will take the form of a panel-led discussion, in which participants will discuss a range of crucial themes for understanding the changing socio-spatial patterns of the use of the Welsh language, including:

  1. the changing spatial patterns of language use;
  2. the sociological changes affecting the Welsh language;
  3. the politics of addressing language shift in Wales;
  4. the policy implications of the census results;
  5. the additional information required, over and above that collected by the census, in order to understand the processes affecting the Welsh language in contemporary Wales.

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