The WISERD 2013 Conference contains a series of papers on multi agency working in Wales. Topics include: models of governance; service delivery methods; Communities First evaluation and school focused communities.

Day Two: Wednesday 26th June

Session Five: 11.15am – 12.45pm

Multi Agency Working

Title: Reviewing alternative Models of Governance in Education and Housing
Authors: Catherine Farrell, University of South Wales and Tamsin Stirling

Title: Do Outcomes Based Approaches to Service Delivery Work?
Author: Jennifer Law, University of South Wales

Title: Did the Communities First Regeneration Programme Improve Mental Health and Enhance Social Cohesion? An Evaluation of a Natural Experiment
Authors: James White et al, Cardiff University

Title: School Focused Communities
Authors: Sarah Lloyd Jones, Duncan Holtom, Jack Watkins and James Hall, People and Work Unit