Author: Pauline van Romondt Vis, Loughborough University

Day One – Tuesday 25th June

Strand – Innovations in Research Methods

Session Two: 2.45pm – 4.15pm

In this presentation I will talk about some of my preliminary findings of my study on researchers’ experiences with using creative methods. In the last decades social scientists have been taking up creative methods such as photography, film, performances, poetry and creative writing. So for instance, rather than interviewing their participants about a particular topic, researchers ask their participants to produce photographs that show their experiences or thoughts on that topic. Or instead of writing an academic article, researchers work with poetry to convey the experiences of their participants. The advantages are that these methods can be better at engaging with and conveying the messiness of everyday life. In addition, these methods have been said to be more inviting for a non-academic audience.

Despite these advantages, it is not always easy for researchers to take up these methods. For example researchers might be new to these methods themselves and need to find ways to make these methods their own in an environment where resources like literature, training and support can be scarce. The wider researcher community and research practices like publishing can prove to be obstacles to using these methods as well.

In my presentation I will elaborate on these experiences and how they shape the development of these methods.

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