The Skills and Employment Survey (2017) collects data on what people do at work, what skills they use and how they work.

The 2017 survey is the seventh in a series of studies which began in 1986. A total of 3,306 workers took part in the latest survey. These cross-sectional surveys provide the means to chart and explain the changing pattern of job quality and skills over time.

The series is a crucial part of the social science research infrastructure which has provided the basis for many publications.

The first findings of the 2017 survey were published in 2018 and are available as short reports as shown below. A series of refereed journal articles written by the research team have also been published on productivityinsecurity and approaches to measuring job quality such as the use of a quiz. Researchers wishing to analyse the data themselves should go to the UK Data Service where the Skills and Employment Survey series as well as the 2017 version are available for download.