Published: 10th December 2020
Author(s): Paul Chaney

Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies 19(4) pp 488-510

This study addresses a key lacuna by analyzing political parties’ formative policy record on refugees’ and asylum seekers’ welfare in party manifestos for state-wide and meso-elections in the UK, 1964–2019. The findings confirm relational contrasts in issue-prioritization and the framing of pledges – between parties and across polities. The wider significance of this lies in underlining the need to examine the formative, electoral phase of refugee and asylum-seeker policy-making; and showing how the move to a multi-level electoral system combines with regional party politics to drive the territorialization of RAS welfare in federal and union states.

Refugees and asylum seekers’ policy, elections, manifestos, welfare, party politicization, territorialization