Published: November 2010
Author(s): David Clapham, Kelly Buckley, Peter Mackie, Scott Orford, Ian Stafford

This first report of a study supported by the JRF about the housing challenges thatwill face young people in 2020 sets out to identify and explore the key drivers likely toinfluence the housing options of young people in the next ten years. Seven keydrivers were identified:? Access to home-ownership: Young people are likely to continue to faceconsiderable barriers to home-ownership up to 2020, despite the future policyemphasis on 'affordable' models of home-ownership aimed at supporting youngpeople into the tenure.? Housing expectations and aspirations: Many young people now expect tobecome home-owners later in their lives and it appears that most young peoplecontinue to aspire to home-ownership in the long-term.? The role of the private rented sector: The private rented sector is expected tocontinue to expand in line with current trends and it is likely that increasingnumbers of young people will utilise the sector over the next ten years. Youngpeople in receipt of housing benefit are less likely to be accommodated in thesector.? Availability of social housing: Stakeholders across the UK do not expect thesupply of non-market housing to meet future need. They believe future spendingcuts will mean reduced investment in new social housing. However, stakeholdersbelieve there will be some diversification within the sector with an increasingemphasis on low-cost ownership and intermediate rental products.? Employment: Stakeholders generally agree that unemployment is likely toremain high amongst young people and will therefore be a key influence on theirhousing options.? Welfare benefits: Stakeholders think proposed changes to welfare benefits willhave a detrimental impact on the housing circumstances of young people overthe next ten years.? Housing-related support services: There are no projections for the future ofSupporting People services available but stakeholders are clear that likely cutswill significantly influence the housing options of young people over the next tenyears.The second stage of this project will use the drivers identified in this report to developscenarios of the housing circumstances of young people in 2020. The report is likelyto be published in the summer of 2011.

Housing, Young People