Times: 9.30am to 4.30pm
Course Leader: Dr Clair Wilkins, WISERD Quantitative Research Team


The course will introduce a variety of quantitative methods, from simple descriptive statistics to techniques for analysing different types of quantitative data. The course will also cover the use of SPSS as an analytical tool. We will begin with the very basics, from different types of variables, descriptive statistics such as mean, median, mode etc then will move onto a session on the computer with the basics of SPSS. In this session you will learn how to enter data, define variables and produce simple statistics and frequency charts. We will then move on to look at hypotheses, significance, different types of experimental design and the appropriate statistical tests. We will use appropriate data sets, critique journal articles which use quantitative methods and again will use SPSS to look at different types of analysis. The course is meant to give a basic grounding in how, if you wish, to analyse quantitative data yourself but more importantly to give you the ability to understand and to critique the quantitative research of others.”

For further information please contact WISERD.events@cardiff.ac.uk