Author: Dr Eva Elliott, Dr Roiyah Saltus and Professor Gareth Williams, Cardiff University

Day One – Tuesday 25th June

Strand – Health & Well Being

Session Three: 4.30pm – 6pm

We present some early thoughts on a project recently funded jointly by AHRC and ESRC as part of the ‘Connected Communities’ programme.  The project aims to explore how community representations produced through creative arts practices can be used as forms of evidence to inform health-related policy and service developments.

Current policies for health improvement tend to focus either on the impact of poverty and deprivation – but with little historical or cultural differentiation of the experiences of living in ‘deprived communities’ – or, most commonly, on the prevalence of ‘unhealthy behaviours’, with limited attempts to connect these with meaningful ways of life under varying conditions of disadvantage. 

The study will consist of 5 case studies based in geographical distinct areas in Wales, Scotland and England.  All express different aspects of the tension between feeling ‘at home’ and yet socially excluded or undermined.  In each we will draw upon existing ‘representations’ of the case-study communities and create opportunities for building new ones, and in each we will explore the connectedness of time/place, ways of living and inequalities in health and well-being

We will present our initial ideas on how we will engage with communities working alongside creative artists.  We also welcome the opportunity to discuss the forms of data that are likely to emerge and the challenges these will present in being understood as ‘evidence’ that can inform policy, practice on the one hand and social action on the other. 

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