Start date:
January 2017
European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme

The core objective of IMAJINE is to formulate new integrative policy mechanisms to enable European, national and regional government agencies to more effectively address territorial inequalities within the European Union, and to imagine a future for European regions in which the distribution of resources is consistent with principles of social and spatial justice.

Elements of the IMAJINE study include:

  • analysis of socio-economic statistics on inequalities;
  • an online survey to explore public perceptions of regional inequalities and cohesion policies;
  • investigations into the connections between regional inequalities and migration, and regional inequalities and movements for political autonomy;
  • research on how governments use the distribution of public services and resources to address inequalities;
  • ‘participatory scenario building’ exercises with stakeholders to explore potential policy options for tackling inequality.

Research team