Author: Dr Rachel Iredale, Sioned Pearce, Rhiannon Skilton and Julia Yandle, Tenovus

Day One – Tuesday 25th June

Strand – Health & Well Being

Session Two: 2.45pm – 4.15pm

Since 2011 Tenovus, Wales’ largest cancer charity, has been providing advice on welfare rights and benefits for anyone affected by cancer in Wales. Over the past year demand for Tenovus support services has risen in-tandem with increasing financial pressures on other providers of support for cancer patients. We have a team of Cancer Support Advisors working in a range of settings, including hospitals and communities, who have secured £1,490,427.86 in benefits for 527 clients in the last twelve months.

20% more people have cancer in Wales compared with England.  In addition cancer incidences are higher and survival rates lower for people living in deprived areas of Wales. This means that poorer people are more likely to have cancer, less likely to survive it and more susceptible to the on-going physical, financial and emotional difficulties associated with the condition. People living in deprived areas are also most likely to be affected by post-recession economic decline causing rising unemployment and economic inactivity.

This presentation focuses upon the government’s proposed welfare reforms for cancer patients specifically and discusses these changes in light of the wider political and economic challenges. We argue that proposed welfare reform is likely to mean that those in greatest need of welfare advice and benefits are least likely to be able to access this support; we examine this argument using primary data collected using a mixed methods approach. We also argue that third sector organisations like Tenovus are ideally placed to meet the needs of cancer patients in Wales.

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