Authors: Ellie Byrne, Cardiff University, Prof. Norma Daykin, University of West of England and Dr Jane Coad, Coventry University

Day One – Tuesday 25th June

Strand – Innovations in Research Methods

Session Two: 2.45pm – 4.15pm

To answer this question, I will present a combination of visual and textual data collected from service users and staff at a mental health hospital as part of a PhD study. The focus was on service users’ and staff perceptions of the hospital environment: participants were asked to use disposable cameras to show what they thought of their surroundings. Data collection progressed through iterative cycles with different levels of textual support enabling comparison to be made of different visual methods including photo-elicitation and mobile photo-interviews.

Data analysis assessed the role of textual support, starting with a review of the photographs on their own, moving to analysis of participants’ retrospective explanations of their photographs, and ending up with exploration of ‘in the moment’ explanations alongside sensorial data collected at the time of photo-taking. In addition, third party responses to participants’ photographs were sought to further explore meaning making in the absence of textual support.

In this presentation the strategies and practices used by participants during photo-taking are discussed, as well as the discourses shaping responses to visual data and the mental health hospital environment.

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