Below is a list of publications produced by WISERD staff over the course of the WISERD project. This list includes all the relevant Books, Book Chapters, Journal Articles and Reports produced by staff working for the project.

Books (Edited)


Ivinson G, Davies B, Fitz J (editors), 2010 Knowledge and Identity: Concepts and applications in Bernstein’s sociology (Routeledge, London)


Martsin M, Wagoner B, Aveling EL, Kadinanaki I, Whittaker L, 2011 Dialogicality in focus: Challenges to theory, method and application


Jones M, Orford S, (editors) (forthcoming 2012) People/Places/Policy: Knowing Contemporary Wales (Routledge)


Smith R, Hetherington K, (editors) (forthcoming 2013) Urban Rhythms: the socio-temporal organisation of the contemporary city (Wiley-Blackwell)

Woods M, McDonagh J, Nienaber B, (editors) (forthcoming 2013) Globalization and Rural Development in Europe (Ashgate)



Plows A, 2010 Debating human genetics: contemporary issues in public policy and ethics (Routeledge, London)

Woods M, 2010 Rural (Routledge, London)


Goodwin M, Jones M, Jones R, 2012 Rescaling the State: Devolution and the Geographies of Economic Governance (Manchester University Press)

Book Chapters


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Rees G, 2010, ‘The Political Economy of Adult Education’ in International Encyclopedia of Education Ed(s) E Baker, P Peterson, B McGaw (Elsevier, Oxford)

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Ivinson G, 2011, ‘School curriculum as a developmental resource; gender and knowledge’ in Children, Development and Education: Cultural, Historial, Anthropological Perspectives Ed(s) M Kontopodis, C Wulf, B Fichtner (Springer)

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Ed(s) R Miller, G Day (Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke)

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Ivinson G, 2012, ‘Boys, skills and class: educational failure or community survival? Insights from Vygotsky and Bernstein’ in Sociology and Vygotsky Ed H Daniels (Routelege, Oxford) (Forthcoming)

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Smith RJ, 2012, ‘Landscapes of fiction and fictional landscapes: Dr Who, Torchwood, and the mundane interpretation of Cardiff Bay’ in New Dimensions of ‘Doctor Who’: Exploring Space, Time and Television Ed(s) D Mellor, B Earl, (I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd, London)

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Hall T, Smith RJ, ‘No time out: exploring the real twenty-four hour city’ in Urban Rhythms: The socio-temporal organisation of the contemporary city Ed(s) RJ Smith, K Hetherington (Wiley, Chichester) (Forthcoming)

Heley J, Jones L, Watzin S, ‘Locating the Mid Wales Economy: Narratives of rurality and resilience’ in People/Places/Policy: Knowing Contemporary Wales Ed(s) M Jones, S Orford (Routledge, London) (Forthcoming)

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Woods M, ‘The elite countryside: shifting rural geographies of the transnational super-rich’ in Geographies of the Super-rich Ed(s) I Hay (Edward Elgar) (In Press)

Journal Issues

Jones M, Paasi A, (eds) (forthcoming) Renewing World(s), special issue of Regional Studies

Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed)


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