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Generativity, Social Participation & Later Life

Work Package 4.1

Funder: ESRC

Start date: February 2015

End date: January 2017

Research team

Martin Hyde (University of Manchester), Martijn Hogerbrugge & Ian Rees Jones (Cardiff University)


This project will undertake a programme of quantitative data analysis, using the prism of ageing, to address the effects of and responses to nascent globalization for civil society and social participation at national and local levels.

This work package will comprise a series of projects aimed at addressing specific research questions relating to later life and social change. The aim will to be undertake analysis of secondary data sets at different levels of comparison both cross sectional, cross-national and longitudinal using a variety of analytical methods.

Project 1:
This work package will analyse Swedish Longitudinal Occupational Survey of Health (SLOSH) data. This is a nationally representative longitudinal cohort survey with biennial follow up data. The analysis will focus on associations between modes of reflexivity (using Archer’s ICONI scale) and levels of Generativity in relation to class, income and other socio-economic factors as well as relating these indicators to outcomes in terms of health and well-being by means of linkeages to other data sets.

Project 2:
This work package will analyse cross- sectional data from The International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) alongside data from waves of the UK Citizenship Survey to examine variations in social participation and indicators of class and age identity among older groups over time.

Project 3:
This work package will undertake analysis of The Health Survey of Wales and Understanding Wales to examine patterns of social participation, social and cultural capital among older people in Wales.

Research Questions

  • To what extent are reflexivity, generativity and participation in civil society organisations related in later life?
  • What factors are related to levels of reflexivity and generativity, and participation.
  • How do levels of social participation and social capital vary across age and social location at local, national and international levels?


  • Articles in high-impact academic journals (Sociology; Age & Ageing)



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