Revised: December 2017

1. Context

The Welsh Language Measure gives the Welsh language official status in Wales and legislates that it should be treated no less favourably than the English language.  All public bodies in Wales are subject to Welsh Language Schemes currently, soon to superseded by Welsh Language Standards (in April 2018). The partner universities in WISERD each have individual Welsh Language Schemes which state which services will be provided through the medium of Welsh, and how and when they will be available. WISERD operates within the framework of these schemes and is subject to the current Welsh Language Scheme of the respective partner universities.

2. Policy Aims

WISERD operates a Welsh Language policy which is designed to:

  • promote awareness within WISERD of the principles of the Welsh Language Measure and ensuing Standards
  • highlight the commitments made by the partner institutions in their Language Schemes
  • specify measures for implementing the Language Schemes in the activities of WISERD
  • encourage best practice with regard to the use of Welsh in communication with other organizations and the public in Wales

3. WISERD activities

WISERD is a collaborative venture across five institutions with a wide variety of activities which involve managing and sharing social science research data, conducting research projects, developing and evaluating policy, as well as capacity building. WISERD engages with a wide variety of organizations, audiences and users in the public and the private sectors, within and outside Wales.  WISERD adheres to the policies of its five institutions in relation to the use of the Welsh language across all its activities.

4. Specific measures

WISERD takes specific measures in relation to the consistent and positive use of the Welsh language in the areas of:

  • Email
  • Publicity and Marketing
  • Website
  • Press releases
  • Events
  • Research
  • Publications
  • Recruitment
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Translation


Key Contact: Research Programme Manager

The WISERD Executive will have responsibility for annually reviewing and monitoring the Language Policy. It will extend and amend it as required to ensure that activities are consistent with the Language Schemes of the partner institutions.


Aberystwyth University (2014) Welsh Language Scheme

Bangor University (2013) Welsh Language Scheme

Cardiff University (2014) Welsh Language Scheme

Swansea University (2011) Welsh Language Scheme

University of South Wales (2013) Welsh Language Scheme

Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011

Welsh Language Commissioner

Welsh Language Standards

WISERD Key Contacts

WISERD Administration Manager: Rose Cundill

WISERD Communications Officer: Diana Molins-Esteban

WISERD Events Officer: Chloe McDonnell

Directory of Welsh Speakers within WISERD (November 2017)

Paul Chaney – Professor and Co-Director – Cardiff – – 029 20874459

Stephanie Jones – PhD Student – Bangor –

Rhys Jones – Professor – Aberystwyth – – +44 (0) 1970 622594

Ian Rees Jones – Professor and WISERD Director – Cardiff – 029 20876662

Sioned Pearce – Research Associate – Cardiff – – 029 20879338

Rhian Powell – PhD Student – Cardiff –

Elin Royles – Senior Lecturer Aberystwyth –